Our F-Tread series of work boots offer a wide range of benefits ideally suited to the needs of the modern farmer.

F-Tread Boots in use by farmers

Product Suitability

Although the high specification of our F-Tread polyurethane boots is also suitable for a wide range of professional applications, the main focus of this waterproof work boot design is for the professional farming market.

These features have been carefully considered to benefit farmers and commercial growers, and apply to all fields within the agricultural sector, including;

  • Beef Farmers
  • Dairy Farmers
  • Pig Farmers
  • Sheep & Goat Farmers
  • Poultry Farmers
  • Crop Farmers (Cereals & Potatoes etc)
  • Grassland & Pasture Farmers
  • Horticulturalists (Soft Fruit, Vegetables and Nursery stock)
Light But STrong

F-Tread boots can be worn all day, every day. The lighter weight of a polyurethane boot over PVC or rubber boots can help reduce fatigue when walking:-

  • For long distances or over uneven ground
  • In deep mud, long grass or crops
  • During repetitive tasks like milking or feeding
Comfortable to Wear

The added comfort of the shock absorbing heel and cushioned insole can also help reduce the risk of injury or strain, when:-

  • Standing for long periods in dairy parlours or poultry sheds
  • Walking on hard or rocky surfaces
  • Jumping down from tractors or other farm machinery
F-Tread Boots in use on machinery
Optimal Grip

The excellent traction of the anti-skid outsole and F-Tread pattern, helps reduce the possibility of slips, trips and falls when:-

  • Working on slippery concrete surfaces, yards, dairy parlours or slatted houses
  • Climbing in and out of tractors, or moving around on other farm machinery
  • Walking over mud, rock, broken stone and tree roots in wet weather
Greater Flexibilty

The polyurethane materials and ribbed design of the F-Tread boot offers a high degree of flexibility while maintaining strength and form. Boots remain flexible even down to temperatures of -25°C and below. This full range of motion can help when:-

  • Driving tractors, vans, quad bikes and operating machinery
  • Bending and crouching, when feeding or working at low levels
  • Climbing ladders, fences, walls and stiles
Fully Waterproof

The 100% waterproof seal and low water absorption of the F-Tread boot is essential for working in modern farming conditions such as:-

  • Severe wet weather conditions, walking pasture, grassland or bogs
  • Working in mud and water, ditches, streams, drains, slurry pits
  • Washing down dairy parlours and cleaning animal sheds
F-Tread Boots in use for working
Thermal Insulation

The all-season properties of the polyurethane thermal insulation reduces the need for a 'summer boot' and a 'winter boot'. F-Tread boots perform in all conditions:-

  • Extreme cold weather, ice & snow, cold slatted houses and dairy parlours
  • Hot weather, harvesting, grass cutting, polytunnels, glasshouses, poultry sheds
  • Proximity to fire, burning waste & bonfires
Working SafeLy

The steel midsole penetration protection and cut resistant upper can help reduce serious injuries and infections during normal working conditions:-

  • Ground clearing (hawthorns, briars, buried waste, broken glass and scrap metal)
  • Farm maintentance and fencing (nails, screws, staples, barbed-wire, bull-wire)
  • Standing on tools and equipment (rake, fork, slashhook, scythe, axe)
TOE Protection

When handling animals, large weights or farm machinery, our full-safety toe protection can help reduce serious injuries from:-

  • Animal standing on foot (Adult weights: Bull 1100kg, Cow 720kg, Horse 1000kg)
  • Accidental impacts from dropped objects (toolbox, blocks & stone, equipment)
  • Crushing or trapping in moving farm machinery or equipment
Low Maintenance

The hard-wearing materials and smooth finish of the design helps reduce cleaning time and effort, and prolong the lifespan of the boots:-

  • Non-textured, easy to clean surfaces, hose off mud and manure
  • Antibacterial treated insoles as standard, removeable and washable
  • Moulded strengthening ribs help retain original shape and form